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Loupes, Inscription Readers and Examiners

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  • LOP-45 - 10x Magnification Tripod Loupe

    LOP-45 - 10x Magnification Tripod Loupe

    10x Magnification Tripod Loupe

  • DPS-11 Delta Pro


    Components: A - Delta Base B - 10x superior optics pink reflector E - Hearts & arrows viewer I - 4 Sticks for different diamond shapes & sizes J - DC Adaptor M - 10x Quality Steady Loupe Delta Base: DIM / OFF Switch H&A Housing Seat for Viewing Hearts Seat for Viewing Arrows Plate for Steady Loupe Brilliance loupe light source Battery holder and DC plug Delta Base rotates 360° CW or CCW for easy tool calibration and demonstration at the counter. 3 AAA batteries power 16 LEDS for up to 10 hours. Never change LED bulbs.

  • PTK-10 Pocket Diamond Toolkit


    Kit Features: 10x 21mm Quality triplet lens 22x Special designed lens to view girdle inscription 5X brilliance loupe UV light to detect fluorescence Bright LEDs to view fire Gauge 0-12mm Metal stone holder 4 screw cups for masters, color or cut (CZS-10 sold separately) Independent multiple seat tray To light up the brilliance loupe, place the tray on a cellphone with white screen, white paper exposed to light or a mini cabinet light.

  • IDL-10 Brilliance Loupe


    The IDL-10 is the give-away version of the DBL-10 8X magnification with fair optics. Includes a table with seats for different stone shapes and sizes.

  • CSL-10 Crown Scope


    The Crown Scope TM is a new tool developed to promote Apparent and (or) Optical Symmetry. If a standard round stone is cut with precision and does not display Arrows (deep or shallow), it may display Symmetry patterns, like the Ideal Cut below left. Apparent Symmetry (Surface symmetry): divides the crown facets into four colors, gray, black, pink and green displaying interesting facet alignments in diamonds cut with precision. The Crown Scope is especially useful to distinguish and market new cuts with different facet configurations. Optical Symmetry (inter facet symmetry): We have viewed 17 new cuts, 13 of which revealed Interesting optical symmetry patterns, some intended by the cutter, some were discoveries: Flowers, Birds, Hearts, Chevrons, geometric compositions, leaves, etc. Some showed patterns on the Crown, some on the Pavilion and some on both Crown and Pavilion.

  • FRS-10 Fireshow


    Move the Fireshow away or towards the demo tray while looking through the window and be dazzled by the spectacle!


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